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Last Updated: 20th Oct 2012

What's new - a quick guide to some of the features of gemdat.org

Gemdat is full of exciting new features that you may not have seen before, even if you're a regular visitor to our other website, mindat.org.

Firstly, we've got some really neat 3D models of popular gem cuts.

Here is a standard round brilliant cut:

And here is an emerald cut:

Scaled Photos

We can also scale photos to life size, if you have calibrated your screen.

Before you can see the photos below, you must calibrate your computer screen using a simple store card or credit card to measure the size of your screen (don't worry, it won't harm your card in any way).

Have a look at this picture at the normal image size when shown on gemdat:

And here's the same photo, but scaled to life size:

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