Munich Show 2012

Last Updated: 29th Oct 2012

I've just returned from the Munich Show, the largest mineral and gem show in Europe - here's some of my favourite things from the show. I also did an article on the mineral dealers and displays here, on

The theme of the show this year is Africa, and Paul Wild had a significant display of African gemstones within the main display.

Gem Display

Namibian Tourmaline

Tourmaline from Namibia and Mozambique

A 178.86 carat Tsavorite from Tanzania

A 754.12 carat natural colour Tanzanite

Indicolite Tourmaline from Namibia

Beryl from Madagascar

Spessartine from Nigeria and Chrome Tourmaline from Tanzania

We had a chat with Pala Gems' Bill Larson, sitting here in the mineral dealer area

Ambra Greco were one of many dealers with amber jewellery

Gemstones were available throughout the show, many mineral dealers had rare gemstones too now

A special section to promote Brazilian gems and dealers had an excellent display of Tourmaline from the Santa Rosa mine.


Tourmaline, largest 26.50 carats

Rough terminated Tourmaline crystals




Heavily included diamonds can sometimes still be interesting as jewellery items.

Included 'Galaxy' diamond

Slices of diamond Trapiche

Rose-cut diamonds

Rough diamond jewellery!

I had a positive discussion with, a gemstone marketplace website. Hopefully we will build up a good relationship between our two sites

Finally, I found my mineral friends Kristina Bode and Ed Loye having some sneaky private meeting in the middle of the gem hall, far away from all of the mineral people. I promised them I would not upload this photo on

Kristina and Ed

More show news soon!

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