Don’t Want To Be Cheated While BuyingBlue Sapphire Stone? Consider These 4 Thing

Last Updated: 23rd May 2016

The blue sapphire relates to the corundum family and the hardness of this gem is 9.0. The fine color and enduring properties (physical and chemical) makes it center of attraction. The stone is spotted in a variety of colors, however, blue is known to be the optimum color for sapphire. Also, the stone is preferably one of the best looking stone and it is being majorly used for jewelry items as well as astrological purposes. But, you must know how to choose a blue sapphire stone before buying.

Physical Properties of Blue Sapphire Gemstone.


The cut is hugely imperative, which must be properly inspected. Also, stone cut boosts the quality of blue sapphire and make it used for diverse purposes. Additionally, this gem can be cut in many shapes, for example, Round Cut, Cushion Cut, Heart Cut, Pear Cut, Cabochon and Cushion. However, among all oval cut and cuts cushion blue sapphire stone is termed as best looking gemstones. Keep in mind that the price of fine cut stone is more than a simple cut gem.


Another great properties, the color varies from light blue to dark blue decides by factors like color, saturation and hue. However, the colors of blue sapphire are significantly affected by the presence of a quantity of Saturation, intensity and hue of gem color. In addition to this, the presence of saturation, intensity and hue of blue produce unlike colors ranging from dark blue to soft blue. Furthermore, the price of the blue sapphire is majorly prejudiced with these factors. So, a light blue one with inordinate hue and Saturation is of better quality in compared to dark color stone.


Must check clarity of the gem while buying a blue sapphire. Apart from this, a sapphire blue that ownshuge inclusion does not reflect being the best quality stone. Instead, a sapphireblue stone with low inclusion or no inclusion can be labelled as a best quality stone. The clarity of stone can be classified into six types, including Eye Clean and Loupe Clean, more than 90% Clarity and opaque gemstone.


The Blue Sapphire stone comes in huge sizes because of the fact that sapphires are mined from rocks, thus the size varies significantly. A 536 carat star sapphire from India is perhaps the largest gem in the world. A stone above 20 carats are measured to be mainly exotic because of the understated nature of large gem. Besides, the price increases as per the carat weight rises. So, consider your budget while buying loose sapphire online and choose a stone with carat which fits in your budget

There are many other factors as well, but the above once are the key once. So, never ignore them.

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