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Last Updated: 18th Sep 2017 and the future! was launched a few years ago and you may have noticed that not much has changed in the last two or three years - other than new images being uploaded by our friends and supporters.

This is in no small part because of the birth of our son, Roman, in June 2014, and in larger part by the increasing call on my time in building and expanding

But is far from forgotten, and this year we intend to significantly improve the site with a number of new features:

Better gem information

We have some exciting partnerships that we can't quite yet talk about, but will bring a whole new level of trusted gemological information into - We're very happy with the information we already have, but this new information will fill in gaps and make our information even more useful to all gemologists.

Improved mapping

Our maps, particularly the world gemstone deposit map, were revolutionary within the online gem world when we launched, but we now have plans to improve this significantly. Easier to use and with greater information available at your fingertips.

Select advertisers

In order to help grow this site we will be taking advertising from a select number of trusted gem suppliers, promoters of shows and other events, training providers and more. Advertising will always be appropriate and as unobtrusive as possible so we do not get in the way of our goal of providing accurate impartial information to you.

If you'd like to advertise please contact [email protected]

More articles

We have a number of highly exciting technical articles being prepared to go online. From beginner articles on gem cutting to advanced articles on inclusions we will be building up a library of freely available information you can come back to refer to any time.

More more more...

There are so many things that are happening it's impossible to mention them all. Some will be obvious, some will be minor changes that you won't even see but help to improve the quality and speed of providing this information to you.

We're always interested in your feedback, so if you have comments or suggestions please either leave them here or email them to me at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support!

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