Morganite PINK URUCUM 217

Last Updated: 27th Dec 2017

Offer you a rare opportunity to acquire a very large dazzlingly
beautiful morganite gemstone.

Introducing myself, I am a geologist and for more than thirty
years I have dedicated myself to the geology of Brazil and I also
commercialised minerals of the country. I have also devoted
to researching and prospecting with the objective of making
exhibitions, which have finally realised in Switzerland, France
and Spain.

In 1976, I discovered a rough morganite of about 350 grams in
Brazil. I have recently partnered with a professional gemologist-
lapidary and having turned it into a unique rectangular
shaped specimen of morganite with its own name, PINK URUCUM
217, we have decided to put it up for sale.

Although morganite in general does not present colour and
quality as desirable as other variety of beryls, such as green
and blue (emerald and aquamarine), pink morganite has seen
an increase in popularity and value against the backdrop of
the current market trends. Since the discoveries of the Australian
specimens up until the recent auction of “Pink Star”
by Sotheby’s, pink diamonds continue to contribute to the
popularity of morganites. Especially in China, there is a large
market that loves pink coloured gemstones and currently this
trend extends to all over the world.

In my view, the PINK URUCUM 217 is exceptional as a morganite.
It has the correct and uniform colour, it is transparent
and its dimensions and an excellent cut make it highly attractive.
We are not aware of anything comparable available on the

JJ-Geologist & Prospector
(+93) 609490871
(french, spanish, portuguese)
(+93) 605950962
(english, spanish)

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