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Square Crocoite

Gemstone: Crocoite

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 1.13 cts.

Dimensions: 4.7mm x ?

© Rarestone.comPhoto ID: 4680View Count: 1578

Square Euclase

Gemstone: Euclase

Location of Origin: Brazil

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 8.08 cts.

Dimensions: 11.4mm x ?

© Rarestone.comPhoto ID: 4638View Count: 1664

Square-cut Corners Boleite

Gemstone: Boleite

Location of Origin: Boleo District, Santa Rosalía, Mulegé Municipality, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 1.27 cts.

Dimensions: 5.0mm x ?

© Rarestone.comPhoto ID: 4629View Count: 1666

Quartz with altered Pyrite

Gemstone: Quartz

Location of Origin: São José da Safira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 3.12 cts.

Dimensions: 11,96mm x 7,58mm x 4,35mm

© ChinellatoPhotoPhoto ID: 4459View Count: 1515

Blue Zircon Regal Radiant Cut

Gemstone: Zircon

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 2.29 cts.

Dimensions: 5.9 mm x 3.5mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4273View Count: 2160

Cognac Zircon Regal Radiant Cut

Gemstone: Zircon

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 9.70 cts.

Dimensions: 9.7mm x 6.1mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4265View Count: 2289

Cognac Zircon Starbrite Cut

Gemstone: Zircon

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 13.32 cts.

Dimensions: 10.9mm x 10.8mm x ?

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4262View Count: 1991

Fancy Tourmaline Starbrite Cut

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 1.25 cts.

Dimensions: 6.3 mm x 6.1 mm x 2.0 mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4259View Count: 1894

Spessartite Garnet Optimized Princess Cut

Gemstone: Spessartine

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 7.74 cts.

Dimensions: 9.7mm x 9.7mm x ?

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4165View Count: 2010

Gypsy Rose Garnet Regal Radiant Cut

Gemstone: Pyrope

Cut Type: Square

Weight: 2.79 cts.

Dimensions: 6.7 mm x 4.2mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4108View Count: 1660
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