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Opal (with "Contra Luz" effect)

Gemstone: Opal

Location of Origin: Ethiopia

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 0.88 cts.

Dimensions: 10.54mm x 7.70mm x ?mm

© Brian Kosnar - Mineral ClassicsPhoto ID: 7372View Count: 1045

Lapis Lazuli

Gemstone: Lapis lazuli

Location of Origin: Sar-e Sang (Sar Sang; Sary Sang), Koksha Valley (Kokscha Valley; Kokcha Valley), Khash & Kuran Wa Munjan Districts, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 31.28 cts.

Dimensions: 22.41mm x 50.76mm x ?mm

© Brian Kosnar - Mineral ClassicsPhoto ID: 6313View Count: 1523

Oceanview Mine Kunzite 43.7ct

Gemstone: Kunzite

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 43.70 cts.

Dimensions: 24.84mm x 19.18mm x 17.02mm

© Jeffrey R. HapemanPhoto ID: 4654View Count: 1304

Fancy Light Yellow Diamond

Gemstone: Diamond

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 3.02 cts.

Dimensions: 11.32mm x 7.8mm x 4.92mm

© Fancydiamonds.netPhoto ID: 4386View Count: 1287

Cognac Zircon

Gemstone: Zircon

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 5.98 cts.

Dimensions: 12.2mm x 10.2 mm x 5.2mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4270View Count: 2141

Blue Topaz Dreamscape Cut

Gemstone: Topaz

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 61.07 cts.

Dimensions: 31.7 mm x 25.7mm x ?

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4209View Count: 2189

Red Spinel Radiant Style Cut

Gemstone: Spinel

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 1.38 cts.

Dimensions: 7.4mm x 8.6 mm x 3.6mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4173View Count: 1994

Pink Sapphire Dreamscape Cut

Gemstone: Sapphire

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 2.72 cts.

Dimensions: 9.5mm x 9.2mm x 2.8mm

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 4155View Count: 1883

Golden Beryl Radiant Style Cut

Gemstone: Heliodor

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 21.17 cts.

Dimensions: 22.3mm x 18.6mm x ?

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 3940View Count: 2831

Amethyst Dreamscape Cut

Gemstone: Amethyst

Cut Type: Kite

Weight: 24.82 cts.

Dimensions: 27.3mm x 22.8mm x ?

© johndyergems.comPhoto ID: 3862View Count: 2273
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