Gemstone Cuts

This page lists the gemstone cut styles on, both classic and modern.
Cameo photo Cameo A carving with colour or shade contrast used to highlight a carved design. Emerald photo Emerald A step-type cut with faceted corners. Freeform photo Freeform Cut and polished in an unique and irregular shape. Marquise photo Marquise An oval cut with ends evenly tapered to a point. Obelisk photo Obelisk In the style of an obelisk - tower with pyramidal termination. Oval Brilliant photo Oval Brilliant An oval variant of the standard round brilliant Pear photo Pear An oval cut with one end tapering to a point, much like a pear or a teardrop. Round Brilliant photo Round Brilliant The classic cut of most round diamonds. Step photo Step A standard rectangular gemstone cut.

A-Z list of all other cuts

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