Libyan Desert Glass

A greenish-yellow natural glass found in the western desert of Egypt. The major component of Libyan Desert Glass is almost pure molten silica glass, Lechatelierite.

The most popular theory of origin is that it was formed due to the impact or atmospheric explosion of a large meteor.

Libyan Desert Glass Gemstones by Colour

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Libyan Desert Glass Gemstones by Size

This table shows distribution of Libyan Desert Glass gemstone sizes that are listed on this site. This can give a good indication as to the general availability of this gemstone in different sizes.
Contributed photos
Lightest:0.95 cts
Heaviest:14.06 cts
Average:3.84 cts
Total photos:9
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0.95ct to 2.26ct2.26ct to 3.57ct3.57ct to 4.88ct4.88ct to 6.19ct6.19ct to 7.51ct7.51ct to 8.82ct8.82ct to 10.13ct10.13ct to 11.44ct11.44ct to 12.75ct12.75ct to 14.06ct
General Information
A variety or type of:Glass
Photos of natural/un-cut material from
Physical Properties of Libyan Desert Glass
Specific Gravity2.2 to 2.22
Roger Dedeyn, Tables of Gemstone Identification (2007)
Optical Properties of Libyan Desert Glass
Refractive Index1.46 to 1.465
Roger Dedeyn, Tables of Gemstone Identification (2007)
Further Information
Mineral information:Libyan Desert Glass information at
Significant Gem Localities
  • New Valley Governorate;
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