Bevoandrano pegmatite, Ikalamavony Commune, Ikalamavony District, Haute Matsiatra, Madagascar

Pegmatites of the Amblygonite Subtype, 25 km west of Ikalamavony. The well-exposed dike section is about 200 m long. It consists of a fine-grained, feldspar-rich border zone with muscovite and tourmaline; an intermediate zone with quartz, perthite, albite, beryl and muscovite; and a core zone of quartz.

South of the locality, another dike is remarkable for an occurence, in the massive, coarse-grained core, of polychrome tourmaline in crystals, some reaching 1 meter in length. This area has become famous for the production of significant crystals of gemmy, yellow to deep-orange beryl. These often doubly terminated crystals are found without matrix and are more or less corroded on the faces. They can weigh as much as several hundred grams.

Ref: Madagascar, extraLapis English No.1, 2001, p. 61

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