Carmen Huyaco, Yauricocha Parish, Ascencion District, Huancavelica Province, Huancavelica, Peru

Carmen Huayco near Yauricocha village, Ascencion department, about 30 km west of Huancavelica city. The locality of rhodochrosite is just a few kilometers from the locality of blue chalcedony. The rhodochrosite forms a vein about 50 cm thick. The material has a banded structure, less commonly a brecciated structure, typically with quartz crystals in the central cavities. This rhodochrosite vein was found in 2005 and has yielded hundreds of kilograms of attractive material, used in Lima for cabochons and carvings.

J.Hyrsl (2012) Gemstones of Peru, p. 68

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