Leckbachscharte, Hollersbach im Pinzgau, Zell am See District, Salzburg, Austria

The Lekbachschart area contains numerous Alpine type veins which contain quartz crystals, adularia, albite, calcite, rutile, and anatase as well as diverse beryllium minerals (white and blue beryl, chrysoberyl, phenakite, gadolinite, beryllian margarite, bowenite, bertrandite, and milarite) and scheelite segregations.

Transparent yellow phenakite crystals, up to 10 cm in length, occur with light-coloured beryl and emerald in lenses of biotite-chlorite rocks within talc schists.

Ref: E.Ya. Kievlenko, Geology of gems, 2003, p. 85

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