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Gemstone: Zektzerite
Location of Origin:Washington Pass, Golden Horn Batholith, Okanogan Co., Washington, USA
Treatments:None reported
Weight:1.62 cts.
A very rare, fine, gem cut from type locality material collected at Washington Pass sometime after the original find. It is one of the finest cut stones, surely - certainly the best tha tany of my contacts have seen. it is a large, very nicely colored, pink/lavender oval zektzerite that is 1.62 carats and 11.1 x 6 mm size. i obtained a small stash collected about 12 years ago from a private collector. the best of his crystals have more color than any i have seen in the past which came from the famous find by Jack Zektzer. Only one was really a cutter , and it turned out well.

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