Bicolor Sapphire with crystal inclusions

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Gemstone: Sapphire
Location of Origin:Tunduru, Tunduru District, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania
Treatments:None reported
Cut Type:Round Brilliant
Weight:0.22 cts.
Dimensions:3.65mm x 3.65mm x ?mm
This "Round Brilliant" cut stone shows a swirling mix of beautiful pinks and blues, but upon close inspection one can see that there are several crystal inclusions of other species. The compressed translucent, tabular white crystals are calcite, which are the most obvious inclusions, but we also found minute golden rutile, and what I believe to be either phlogopite or muscovite mica or possibly feldspar. If you would like to read more about this material, check out the paper written by Warne Chitty in 2009 (

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