Significant Ruby gemstones

ImageNameWeightCountry of OriginCurrent Owner
Eminent Star6,465.00 ctsIndia
Ecce Homo Star Ruby2,890.00 ctsMozambique
Edwardes Ruby167.00 cts
Rosser Reeves Star Ruby138.70 ctsSri Lanka
Anne of Brittany's105.00 cts
DeLong Star Ruby100.32 ctsMyanmarAmerican Museum of Natural History
De Long Star Ruby100.32 ctsMyanmar
Edith Haggin de Long Star Ruby100.32 ctsMyanmar
Gnaga Mauk & Kallahpyan (Nga Mauk & Kallapyan)98.00 ctsMyanmarUnknown
Forster, JN II47.00 ctsMyanmarUnknown
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