Pink Opal

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1.82 carats
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Pink Opal is a mixture of opal, palygorskite and minor chalcedony. It is slightly translucent to almost opaque.

The best quality material is excellent for jewelry, because of its resemblance to pink coral but is much harder.

Pink Opal Gemstones by Colour

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Pink Opal Gemstones by Size

This table shows distribution of Pink Opal gemstone sizes that are listed on this site. This can give a good indication as to the general availability of this gemstone in different sizes.
Contributed photos
Lightest:1.71 cts
Heaviest:2.42 cts
Average:1.96 cts
Total photos:6
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1.71ct to 1.78ct1.78ct to 1.85ct1.85ct to 1.92ct1.92ct to 1.99ct1.99ct to 2.07ct2.07ct to 2.14ct2.14ct to 2.21ct2.21ct to 2.28ct2.28ct to 2.35ct2.35ct to 2.42ct
General Information
A variety or type of:Common Opal, which is a variety of Opal
Physical Properties of Pink Opal
Mohs Hardness6
J.Hyrsl, Gemstones of Peru (2012)
Colour (General)Pale pink, pink, dark red-pink
J.Hyrsl, Gemstones of Peru (2012)
Causes of ColourPink colour is caused by the presence of organic compounds called "quinones" (Fritsch et al., 2004)
J.Hyrsl, Gemstones of Peru (2012)
J.Hyrsl, Gemstones of Peru (2012)
Further Information
Mineral information:Pink Opal information at
Significant Gem Localities
  • Durango
    • Mapimí Municipality
  • Arequipa
    • Caraveli Province
  • Ica
    • Ica Province
      • Ica
J.Hyrsl (2012) Gemstones of Peru, p. 62
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