Mystic Quartz

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20.63 carats

Mystic quartz is similar to aqua aura, but where aqua aura is coated natural quartz crystals, mystic quartz is cut quartz which has been coated with a ultra-thin layer of metallic titanium on the pavilion faces.

This coating generates interference patterns in light much like oil spread on water does, leading to a rainbow of colours in the stone.

Mystic Quartz Gemstones by Colour

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Mystic Quartz Gemstones by Size

This table shows distribution of Mystic Quartz gemstone sizes that are listed on this site. This can give a good indication as to the general availability of this gemstone in different sizes.
Contributed photos
Lightest:12.17 cts
Heaviest:29.19 cts
Average:19.70 cts
Total photos:20
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12.17ct to 13.87ct13.87ct to 15.57ct15.57ct to 17.28ct17.28ct to 18.98ct18.98ct to 20.68ct20.68ct to 22.38ct22.38ct to 24.08ct24.08ct to 25.79ct25.79ct to 27.49ct27.49ct to 29.19ct
General Information
A variety or type of:Quartz
Spectrographic Data
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Mystic Quartz - Locality: Unknown
Further Information
Mineral information:Mystic Quartz information at
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