Azurmalachite is a mixture of azurite and malachite. It is an attractive stone which combines vivid blue colour of azurite and saturated green colour of malachite. It can be cut into cabochons or used for small objects d'art.

Azurmalachite Gemstones by Colour

This table shows the variety of hues this gemstone can be found in. Click on a photo for more information.
General Information
Chemical Formula
+ Cu
2, Management Team (2012)
Physical Properties of Azurmalachite
Mohs Hardness3.5 to 4, Management Team (2012)
Specific Gravity3.70 to 3.95, Management Team (2012)
Cleavage QualityPerfect, Management Team (2012)
FractureConchoidal, Management Team (2012)
Optical Properties of Azurmalachite
Refractive Index1.655 to 1.909, Management Team (2012)
Optical CharacterBiaxial/+,-, Management Team (2012)
Birefringence0.108 to 0.254, Management Team (2012)
Colour (General)Blue and green bands., Management Team (2012)
TransparencyTranslucent,Opaque, Management Team (2012)
LustreVitreous,Silky,Dull (Earthy), Management Team (2012)
Crystallography of Azurmalachite
Crystal SystemMonoclinic, Management Team (2012)
HabitBall- or kidney-shaped.
Walter Schumann, Gemstones of the world (2001)
Further Information
Mineral information:Azurmalachite information at
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