Andapa Pegmatite Field, Andapa District, Sava, Madagascar

The Andapa pegmatite field is well known in the region as the source of a rare, deep-blue, gemmy beryl variety known as "Santa Maria" beryl.

The pegmatite area is probably large, though it is difficult to measure its true extent, as the soil layer is quite thick. Most of the pegmatites are of the Beryl-Columbite Subtype and include dikes up to 10 m wide and 100 m long.

Colourless, pale-blue and pale-yellow topaz was found in alluvial deposits. Well-formed, superficially corroded, carving quality blue beryl and smoky quartz crystals were also found. South of the village of Andapa, pegmatite-like veins produce exceptional amethyst crystals. In 1995 and 1996, prior to the institution of the park, the amethyst of Andapa became famous throughout Madagascar for its wonderful purple colour and large gemstones.

Quite large beryl crystals, up to 1 m long and 20 cm wide can be found in some extended dikes. However, the Andapa area has recently been declared a natural park and mining activity in the area is forbidden.

Ref: Madagascar, extraLapis English No.1, 2001, p. 40

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