Mansin/Thet-kachan (Man Sin; Mansi; Mance/Thet-kachan), Pein-Pyit (Painpyit; Pyan Pyit), Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Region, Myanmar

The MGE-joint venture scheme at Mance/Thet-kachan consisted of 5 mines (in 2002), at sites situated from 1,485 to 1,570 meters above sea level. Marble bands outcrop in the area and in some places are interbedded with calc-silicate rocks forming a fracture-filled deposit with caves and karsts. In 2004 more than 50 Gurhkas mined ruby, sapphire, schorl, scapolite, apatite, yellow spinel and quartz. The gems were recovered from the byôn, one meter in thickness. In the same area, spinels of a peculiar deep red color are mined, known locally as ah-mar-yae (ruby-red). At the fracture filled deposit the byôn disappears at about 25 meters in depth. The gems are recovered using the myaw-dwin and open-pit methods.

Ref: Ted Themelis (2008) Gems and Mines of Mogok, p. 191

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