'Rosalinda' occurrence, Tambo Colorado, Pisco Province, Ica, Peru

Rosalinda is a decorative stone consisting of white marialite (a scapolite-group mineral) with pink spots of epidote/piemontite. It came out in 2011 from Unnamed mountain close to the archaelogical site Tambo Colorado, an Inca fortification, situated about 40 km east of Pisco, beside the main road from the coast to Ayacucho.

The scapolite is usually fine-grained. Fluorescence is the typical property - white scapolite is orange to red in short-wave and white in long-wave UV. Density 2.50 - 2.59, hardness 6, RI 1.54.

Ref: J.Hyrsl (2012) Gemstones of Peru, p. 71

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