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Cobaltoan Calcite and Zeiringite

Photo Copyright © Fernando Gascon Cuello  - This image is copyrighted. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.
Gemstone: Cobalt-bearing Calcite
Location of Origin:Solita Mine, Peramea, Baix Pallars, Pallars SobirĂ , Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
Treatments:None reported
Cut Type:Cabochon
Weight:33.65 cts.
Dimensions:23.5mm x 18.4mm x 11.0mm
33.65 carats oval cabochon. Pink layers are coarsely crystalline cobaltoan calcite, probably associated with pink aragonite layers. White and blue-green fibrous layers are probably aragonite. The bluish color of these layers may be due to a content of nickel and/or micro inclusions of aurichalcite (zeiringite).

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