"Star of Kragerø" Cordierite, side view

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Gemstone: Cordierite
Location of Origin:Kragerø, Telemark, Norway
Treatments:None reported
Weight:10.43 cts.
Discrete pleochroism in the Fe2+-poor "Star of Kragerø": Here viewed approximately along its Z-axis (001)exhibiting a greyish white color in contrast the parent image exhibiting a pale violet blue color when photographed approximately along its Y-axis (010). Few cordierites of the Bamble-sector are this pale colored (lean in Fe2+). More prominent pleochroism may been seen in cordierites from the locality close to Søndeled as depicted in: http://www.mindat.org/photo-285858.html

Note the extreme depth (thickness) facetting of this stone, as needed to compensate for the low refractive index of cordierite. [A shallower cut stone of otherwise same dimensions would result in a large "window" (lack of light reflection) through the table facettes and hence considerably reduce the beauty and value of the stone.]

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