Yebu-thapanbin-kyar (Thabapin), Mogok Valley, Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Region, Myanmar

This mining area has been known for centuries. The location of the gem mines follows a NW to SE direction along the adjacent mountain ridge. Both the topography and the geology slowly change as one moves NW. Lebin and open-pit mining methods are used. Ruby, blue sapphire, spinel, moonstone, almandine, danburite, lapis lazuli, scapolite and blue-mauve scapolite cat's eye are recovered from the alluvium.

One distinctive feature of this area is its sandy byôn, which in certain places can be over 6 m in depth. More rubies are recovered from the nearby primary deposit by blasting the marbles. Over the years the area has proven to be quite productive, where many fine quality but small size gems were recovered. In 2001 most gem mining activities were considerably reduced.

Ref: Ted Themelis (2008) Gems and Mines of Mogok, p. 221

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