Laung-pyit mine, Dattaw-mid, Dattaw-taung (Dattaw hill), Mogok Valley, Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Region, Myanmar

The ruby-bearing bands vary in width from 30 to 120 cm. Light blue scapolite and green apatite occur in the marble and they serve as indicators where rubies may be found in the immediate vicinity. The ruby-bearing marble bands alternate with phlogopite marble bands and sphene-diopside bands, in which gem diopside may be found. At the nearby skarn deposit sodalite-hackmanite, lapis lazuli, edenite, edenite cat's eye and hornblende are found.

Ref: Ted Themelis (2008) Gems and Mines of Mogok, p. 204

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