0.80 carat ‘Xia’ Heliodor from Brazil

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Gemstone: Heliodor
Location of Origin:São José da Safira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Treatments:Heat Treatment, Irradiation
Cut Type:Oval Brilliant
Weight:0.80 cts.
Dimensions:6mm x 8mm x ?
This particular heliodor (golden beryl) was sourced from the famous Xia Mine near Sao Jose do Safira in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. ‘Xia’ heliodor is of the purest golden colour with undertones of crisp canary hues due to its intense iron content. This high grade Beryl also provides exceptional clarity, something not usually expected from this species of gemstone. As the miners at the Xia Mine describe their yellow beryl as heliodor, it is traded under the name of ‘Xia’ heliodor to distinguish it from other golden beryl.

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