Campbellite is named after its discovery locality at the Campbell Mine (Campbell Shaft), Bisbee, Warren District, Mule Mointains, Arizona, USA. This Mine was closed in 1975 and there is no other source of this material reported.

Campbellite is a mixture of various minerals, including copper, cuprite, azurite, calcite, chrysocolla, malachite, pyrite, quartz, cohenite, graphite and possibly others.

Campbellite yields very attractive, unique cabochons.
Colour (General)Varying mixture of colours, Management Team (2012)
LustreMetallic, Management Team (2012)
Geological Environment
Where found:Occurs in the oxidized zones of copper deposits., Management Team (2012)
Further Information
Mineral information:Campbellite information at
Significant Gem Localities
  • Arizona
    • Cochise County
      • Bisbee
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